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Beitrag von Admin am 13.05.13 13:14

Verfasst 01.Dez.08 22:13 von rosarot67
Hi everybody

welcome at this board ... I wish you a lot of fun ... be nice and friendly.


Verfasst 01.Dez.08 22:28 von Julia
Hi All hope to see you all post here.good job Heike

Verfasst 01.Dez.08 22:51 von casey
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Verfasst 01.Dez.08 23:07 von rosarot67
I hope so ... can you send Lynn the mail from the board too ... or better I do that? I hope Donny find the way to this place ... we miss him very much. And he don't have to learn german ... here all post in english.

Verfasst 01.Dez.08 23:09 von casey
Lynn has been given the link to this guestbook.

Verfasst 01.Dez.08 23:16 von DancingDragon
Hello to All
I wish a great Week to all
yes,we miss him very much.

Heike,great Idee and Job

Love Greetings

Verfasst 01.Dez.08 23:55 von elen
Let's hope the best. But I must say I'am not very optimistic. I'am afraid Don will hide away now, because he was hurt again.
Now he is alone again and so are we.
All we can do is to hope that he will find the way here.

Verfasst 02.Dez.08 00:05 von casey
NO sad just give it some time......He will be back hopefully!

Verfasst 02.Dez.08 00:24 von rosarot67
Oh Casey, I hope so.

He is a wonderful person, and I hope he know that.

Thank you Simone and wish all too a wonderful week.


Verfasst 02.Dez.08 04:57 von Julia
Thanks Heike we all needed a place to come and share our feeling,I'm sure Donny doesn't feel that any of us would do harm to him or Patrick.He will be back ,he's
part of our little family after all.They are just taking a rest right now,both have been hard at work. We will see the boys soon. Take care Donny and Patrick.

Verfasst 02.Dez.08 07:20 von rosarot67
Julia your absolutly right, Donny is a part of our little family ... and he is very important. I hope that he is all right, and I hope that he come back ... we miss him.

It is a special thing to talk with Donny, because he is a very special person.

Verfasst 02.Dez.08 09:30 von bigbic
Let´s hope that the others find the way to us include Donny. Let´s give him time. Think positiv ....I think this here is a good way to contact the rest .....I wish all a nice day

Verfasst 02.Dez.08 09:42 von elen
Sorry to everyone for loosing my spirits.
This really knocked me from my feet............

You are right, we must stay positive.
I always thought that Don had been incredibly brave and corageous to trust anyone at all after what had happened at imdb.
I hope he will find this strenght a second time. And I really hope he knows that he can trust us.
We must give him time..........

Verfasst 02.Dez.08 10:22 von rosarot67

Come in my arms, Elen. It is ok, that you feel like this and I think Donny feel the same way. Today I believe that he will come back .... and I hope this will happen in this year. This great community help all of us ... and Donny and his whole family is save here ... and Lynn is save too.

I hope, that all of the others come to this point ... we're a great team ... and a great community for a great familiy.

Verfasst 02.Dez.08 10:25 von bigbic
You already sounds better sweetheart. .... :cuddle:

Verfasst 02.Dez.08 10:54 von rosarot67
In this point I feel much better ... I think we have all done what we can do ... now we wait .. our positiv energy will help him ... I'm sure. Donny needs a place where he can feel save ...

Verfasst 02.Dez.08 11:03 von bigbic
We must be careful and be on one's guard that no false person come to this place. He can feel safe here only in such a way.....

Verfasst 02.Dez.08 13:05 von rosarot67
We all in green or orange have to look that all here in this board is ok. So Donny and Lynn know exactly that we take care that nothing happen.

Verfasst 02.Dez.08 17:47 von DancingDragon
I think also Donny and Lynn now need time for itself.
I wish Donny and Lynn beautiful peaceful Christmas days.

Verfasst 02.Dez.08 17:58 von elen
So do I.
I wish them both peace and quiet after all this trouble.

Verfasst 02.Dez.08 23:23 von Miriam
Hello, Don!

I just wanted to stop and say "Hi"!

See you later, alligator!


Verfasst 03.Dez.08 09:31 von elen
Welcome here.

Verfasst 03.Dez.08 09:39 von rosarot67
Welcome Miriam .. I wish you a lot of fun here.

And all of you I wish you a wonderful day ... the good start in this day we have.

Verfasst 03.Dez.08 09:42 von bigbic
Hi Miriam.....nice to see you in our guestbook.

@Heike...This day couldn´t start better with this wonderful news about Patrick.

Verfasst 03.Dez.08 09:45 von rosarot67
Oh biggi, your so right with your words. This news are great, but we all know it .. and now the rest know it too.

Now we need two things that it's at this moment perfect ... Lynn and Donny here at this book.

Verfasst 03.Dez.08 09:50 von bigbic
Yes...this would be great...Time will show...I´m sure..... :troest01:

Verfasst 03.Dez.08 10:03 von rosarot67
I hope so .. and if both know .. that we all stand behind them ... they will come. Lynn had made a great job .. and I hope she do this in the future too and Donny is a wonderful person.

Verfasst 03.Dez.08 10:03 von elen
Yes, this would make things perfect.

Verfasst 03.Dez.08 10:50 von bigbic
Maybe they activate the website-link on OFC..... This would be great....

Verfasst 03.Dez.08 15:13 von rosarot67
Hi girls, looks that I really back for this day

I see, that we here a really great community .. small but strong enough to stand behind two wonderful mens.

I hope really, that Donny feel much better this days. It's hurts, to know that he feels so bad big airhugs to Donny and don't forget to Lynn.

Verfasst 03.Dez.08 20:22 von DancingDragon
Hello Ladys
I hope too this Donny and Lynn better goes to all the bad Days.
((( Big hugs to Donny and Lynn)))
I wish to all great Day or night
Love greetings

Verfasst 03.Dez.08 20:41 von rosarot67
Yes Simone, I hope so and hope, that Donny can see our christmas video and he will like it.

Hope too, that all of you have a wonderful time. Here it is very cold, the whole day snow ... but the kids are happy

Verfasst 03.Dez.08 21:53 von Miriam
Hi, girls!

Thank you for the welcome!

Patrick, Don.... I send to you a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge airhug!!!! :yupp:

Verfasst 03.Dez.08 21:58 von rosarot67
Miriam everybody is here welcome and I have we have a great time together. I believe that we can do a lot for Donny and his family if we stay together

Verfasst 03.Dez.08 22:09 von DancingDragon
@Miriam: Welcome too and have fun with us. :cuddle:

Verfasst 03.Dez.08 22:12 von casey
Glad to have you!

Verfasst 03.Dez.08 22:18 von rosarot67
Yes we're happy about all of us .. in this little family ... if we more .. we can give more strenght to Donny and his family :cuddle:

Verfasst 03.Dez.08 22:33 von Miriam
I'm glad to see you here, Casey!

Verfasst 03.Dez.08 22:34 von casey
Been having the time of my life here with everyone!

I hope you continue to post. It's lot's of fun and great energy is here.

Verfasst 03.Dez.08 22:39 von Miriam
I've just started!

Verfasst 03.Dez.08 22:47 von rosarot67
OH girls you great :cuddle:

I hope you all enjoy the time here at the board .. and yes we have here a very positive energy ... this is wonderful

Thank you to all of you

Verfasst 03.Dez.08 22:56 von DancingDragon
You`re welcome,Heike :cuddle:
We became stronger than family
Our strength and Postive energy to Patrick, Lisa, Donny and Familie send :engelherz:

Verfasst 04.Dez.08 07:32 von emeraldrain
Hi Miriam, hi Casey! Glad to see you girls here! Not been online much lately .... work's been keeping me very busy .... not that this is anything new, LOL.
Anyway, glad to have ya here!

Verfasst 04.Dez.08 07:35 von rosarot67
Good Morning everybody ... wish all of you a good start in your day. Here it is very cold ... but girls ... my computer works :monitor: he is not repair, but I know what I have to do, that the pc don't freezed.

Verfasst 04.Dez.08 12:34 von bigbic
Hi @ all....What have you done with your computer Heike? I think you must renounce skype.... That would be very tragical.....

Verfasst 04.Dez.08 13:06 von rosarot67
Yesterday my friend was really great, he has dealt for hours with the part. I need a new net part und presumably a new cooling ... for the while (I hope that my "little" brother can help me) a normal ventilating stands in front of the open PC tower and cools him ... and now I can work again quite normally ... you can't believe how happy I am.

Verfasst 04.Dez.08 13:27 von casey
HELLO ladies!

Great to see all of you......

Verfasst 04.Dez.08 13:27 von bigbic
Great to see you , too.... Have a wonderful day....

Verfasst 04.Dez.08 13:29 von Miriam
Glad to see you, Casey!

Verfasst 04.Dez.08 13:41 von rosarot67
Hi Ladies ... happy that you all here :cuddle: ... wonderful that we can talk to each other.

Verfasst 04.Dez.08 15:19 von elen
Nice to see you all here. It is good to see that Heikes idea with the new guestbook works and is accepted.
I hope our little "family" will be reunited soon. There are still two places empty, but I really hope that Lynn and Don will find the way here.
After the positive news about Patrick I hope everybody will have a nice and peaceful christmas time. I think this is best for everyone. And we will start the new year with stronger nerves and positive vibrations.
Looking forward for the "Beast" and Patricks interview. Two things to be happy about in january, and today is only december the 4th........

Verfasst 04.Dez.08 15:47 von casey
So how is everyone today? I just started the work day! LOL

Verfasst 04.Dez.08 15:50 von elen
Good, thank you, Casey.
I meet my family yesterday and we went to a restaurant together. Very nice food. ( The owners are friends of my we are something like VIP's)
And how are you? Have a nice day.

Verfasst 04.Dez.08 15:58 von rosarot67
Hi Elen ... hope you had a wonderful day.

Yes I hope that Lynn and Donny find the way to this book ... we're here a great family and we missed both very much. But I beliebe, that both come here to talk with us.

Hey Casey, I feel today ok ... we have here after noon and the kids are ready with the homeworkes .. now they can play.

Verfasst 04.Dez.08 15:58 von casey
Elen good to hear from you. I'm fine finally got the house all decorated for Christmas. Work has picked up something about attorney's when it's holiday season the work get's busier than usual. I'm sorry I missed the chat on Tuesday I'm hoping this Saturday I will be there. Have a good day everyone!

Verfasst 04.Dez.08 15:59 von casey
hello Heike have you heard anything yet on all your tests you had done? I have been wondering about you.

Verfasst 04.Dez.08 16:03 von rosarot67
Hi Sweatheart,

nothing news, the only that I have to visite the next doctor and take the medicals. I don't like that ... ok, but slowly i can walk very good with the crutches.

My Mom ask me, if we want to visite her for christmas of if they had to come to us ... well I hope we can go to her and her husband. But I don't believe that really.

Verfasst 04.Dez.08 16:18 von casey
Well I continue to pray for you and hope you get to feeling better!

I don't like it when people are in pain. :'(

Verfasst 04.Dez.08 16:25 von rosarot67
Thank you :cuddle: I hope that they find sometimes what's wrong ... but honest ... Patricks fight give me the strenght to fight for me too ... and he have to fight much more as me .. I'm very proud of him and his brother, how help him so much.

Verfasst 04.Dez.08 16:39 von elen
Oh, they will find this out.This new doctor seems to be a competent man.
I'am sure you will walk around with us at the meeting in may. You will see.

Verfasst 04.Dez.08 16:59 von rosarot67
OK ... we think positiv ... so I will believe on it. Of course your right, that the new one is much better.

And the meating ... in five month in my we have a board meating, and for all who can't come to dresden .. you need the yahoo, a webcam and a headset this will be great if we have an international meeting.

Verfasst 04.Dez.08 23:02 von *DianeB*
hello everyone!
Though i would pass by for a visit and say Hi !

Verfasst 04.Dez.08 23:10 von casey
Stop and give me a hug! Diane is so nice!

Verfasst 04.Dez.08 23:28 von *DianeB*
Lol waxcase
I feel the same about you !

Verfasst 04.Dez.08 23:46 von rosarot67
Airhugs to all of you girls .. this is so nice that you all find the way to this place.

Welcome Diane :cuddle: great to see you here.

Verfasst 04.Dez.08 23:51 von casey
AWE air hugs back at ya!

Verfasst 05.Dez.08 00:57 von DancingDragon
Hello to all
I hope everyone go it well.
Tomorrow I am in Regensburg with the Christ child market and meet with a friend.Make me happy already much on it.
I wish to all great Day or Night.
Diane,Welcome to Board and wish fun with us.

((( Big hugs to all)))

Love Greetings

Verfasst 05.Dez.08 03:24 von Julia
Hey All it's good to see so many of you here on board,Heike this was a graet idea to help the gang stay in touch.It's nice to see all the family coming back together again.Let's hope that Donny will gi us all a early christmas present and stop by to say Hello.Glad to see you here Diane and Elen.Hello to you Simone,and i didn't forget you we need to talk Sue in to coming here.Everyone have great day.

Verfasst 05.Dez.08 06:52 von rosarot67
Good morning girls,

oh your right Julia, this was a good idea and I hope that we all come together again at this place. Yes we're the gang from Donny and I hope that he will come to that place, here he can feel save.

Maybe this was a good idea to open the guestbook here ... but I missed a lot ... Donny, Lynn, Sue and texgal ... Mike, he postet very often in Donnys other book. But only Lynn can help us to become all together .. hope she will do that and come too.

Wish all a wonderful day and airhugs to all of you

Verfasst 05.Dez.08 11:35 von bigbic
Hi girls....especially DianeB....welcome in our midst...nice to see you here. It´s really great that so many girls found the way to us and I hope it will be still more.

Verfasst 05.Dez.08 12:15 von rosarot67
Hello Biggi,

yes this is wonderful, that so much from us find again together .. and I hope too that it will be more and more.

Wish all of you a wonderful day :cuddle:

Verfasst 05.Dez.08 12:34 von elen
Yes, this is great.
I hope also for this "early christmas present". Would be so great.

Verfasst 05.Dez.08 13:20 von rosarot67
OH girls your really great .. and Donny and Patrick can be proud that they have those fans.

Thank you for you help to save the datas and programms :cuddle:

Verfasst 05.Dez.08 16:32 von *DianeB*
Hi Everyone ,thank you for the warm welcome , I also visited Dancing Dragons website is Beautiful great job !
Its nice to be here ,amongs nice people .

Verfasst 05.Dez.08 17:16 von rosarot67
Hello Diane,

we're happy that you here :cuddle: and your right, I see only nice and wonderful members of a family.

Yes Simone have a wonderful fanpage and she can be proud on it.

Verfasst 05.Dez.08 21:10 von bigbic
Are the boots ready Heike. My son has his boots brightly polished....My daughter isn´t pretty uptight about these things but she´s going to do it anyway. Anyhow, she´s delighted about a present.

Verfasst 05.Dez.08 21:12 von casey
Can someone explain this tradition to me? I have never heard of it before. Only Christmas Eve when Santa comes.

Verfasst 05.Dez.08 21:29 von bigbic
I´ll try it.... This is very difficult and lengthy to explain.

The 6th December, called "Nikolaus" is the day when the children polish her boots and put in front of the door. The "Nikolaus" brings little presents, fruits and sweets. It´s a very old tradition.

In the past, this day was the day of the giving out of Christmas presents. In some countries is this today certainly, too.
Meanwhile, Nikolaus doesn't bring only presents: In many telling stories variants he gives presents to and praises the good children while he rebukes the bad and punishes by blows with a rod. Which children did good and which ones be evil last year, he reads in his "golden book"? Many parents load honorary or paid Nikolaus one, to preach to the children such a "sermon" at home which, however, always ends with a giving out of Christmas presents.

But the right day for handing out of presents is the 24th December.

I hope you understand what I mean. It´s not so easy to explain it in english....

Verfasst 05.Dez.08 21:41 von casey
Yes Thank you!

That was neat....You learn something new everyday!

Verfasst 05.Dez.08 21:56 von bigbic
Oh, I´m glad about it. I didn't think that I had expressed myself well enough.

Verfasst 05.Dez.08 22:01 von *DianeB*
Hi Everyone , fot us as we were kids it was stockings, we would hang on our bedroom door that would be filled with little presents ,christmas eve we would open presents and the stocking would be on christmas morning.

Verfasst 05.Dez.08 22:12 von bigbic
I have already heard of it, too. Here we´re going at church in the afternoon, then we´ve a meal and last but not least the gift giving ....Then are the children usually already very restless and tense

Verfasst 05.Dez.08 23:04 von rosarot67
Yes at christmas I send my kids to the church .. so I have enough time to work here. After the lunch they become the presents .. and then we can see playing kids ...
Tommorow morning, the will went first to the boots .. hope they like what they find

Verfasst 06.Dez.08 00:43 von DancingDragon
Hello Ladys
was on Christ child market in Regensburg Today.
Was beautiful Day with my boyfriend and Friend.
Hope you goes it all well.
Thank you very much this you my fan side pleases :cuddle:
((( Big Hugs to All)))
Love Greetings

Verfasst 06.Dez.08 08:48 von elen
I wish everyone a nice Nikolaus day.

Today a friend of mine finally comes to take care of our computers. Mine isn't working normal, the one of my friend is doing nothing at all till yesterday.
Keep fingers crossed that I can be here for the chat tonight.

Verfasst 06.Dez.08 10:28 von rosarot67
Hello everybody, wish all of you a wonderful Nikolaus ... and did you had a visite in the night.

OH Elen I cross the finger for you, that your friend can repair your computer. So we all can enjoy the internet the Internet.

Verfasst 06.Dez.08 19:59 von bigbic
Hi at all....

We had a great day and the children were happy about her presents. Their bright eyes were wonderful.....

Wish all a nice evening and chat. I can´t come.....sorry. .....A lot of fun....

Verfasst 06.Dez.08 22:26 von casey
Hey everyone!

Sorry I missed the chat today.

I hope everyone had a good holiday!

Verfasst 07.Dez.08 00:12 von rosarot67
Hello Casey,

this was a great chat today ... yes you was not there, but if you want to read it: ... .html#2020 so you know what we're talking.

My kids love this day ... and they very happy .. tommorrow I post the picture from the morning.

Wish all of you a wonderful second advent.

Verfasst 07.Dez.08 08:42 von bigbic
@Casey.....Don´t worry.....I couldn´t come last evening, too.

Wish all a wonderful day..... :cuddle:

Verfasst 07.Dez.08 09:41 von rosarot67
Good morning,

yes we missed a lot, but it is ok. This was a very interesting chat, with fun and discussion. I hope we have a lot more of these chats.

Verfasst 07.Dez.08 14:06 von rosarot67
Hello Girsll,

I has just got one mail where a part is also determined for you. And I would not like to keep this from you, because I really gladly to heard that it goes well to her:

Lynn hat geschrieben:
Please let everyone know I am fine, I do what Donny wants for his website,

Lynn, thank you and you is absent us here very much. Greetings Donny of us to all and say to him that we miss him.

Verfasst 07.Dez.08 15:14 von bigbic
Oh...that´s fine but they are missed very much. Thank you for posting this message.

Verfasst 07.Dez.08 16:06 von elen
Oh, that's good news.
Thank you very much for keeping us updated.

Verfasst 07.Dez.08 19:12 von rosarot67
Your welcom, Ladies ... yes we missed both. But it's good to know that they are ok.

Hope all of you, have a wonderful Sunday.

Verfasst 07.Dez.08 19:34 von DancingDragon
Thank you for the good News
I miss you both too

Thank you, wish to all a great 2.Advent Sunday

((( Big hugs to All)

Love Greetings

Verfasst 08.Dez.08 11:25 von bigbic
Hi girls....I wish all a wonderful start in the new week. :cuddle:

I did my English class this morning and now I´m waiting for my son and my daughter.

Verfasst 08.Dez.08 12:50 von rosarot67
Good morning, Sweatheart.

Wish you a wonderful weekstart too. But believe, I don't wait for the Kids but in a hour they at home ...

Christmas ist not far, you know .. and I have to do very much until christmas. Stressfull time every year again.

Verfasst 08.Dez.08 23:33 von DancingDragon
Thank you i wish all great new Week too.
my English class is Thursday still two times.

I hop Lynn and Donny you are well and have
beautiful peaceful Christmas days. we miss you very both

((( Big hugs to all)))

Love Greetings

Verfasst 09.Dez.08 09:26 von rosarot67
Good morning girls, wish all of you a wonderful day ... very cold here.

Can anyone from you do here my job ... I want back in my bed Think it's better, that I go today early in my bed.


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